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Automated, AI-powered street bot, programmable to handle a range of scenarios which help to improve community engagement, provide meaningful information and support public safety.

Way Finding, Community Safety and Public Engagement.

A revolutionary solution designed to improve community engagement, provide local information and support public safety. The SpeakerBox serves as vigilant virtual guardians. With the push of a button, members of the public can connect directly with an AI agent, creating an instant channel for reporting incidents, requesting assistance and retrieving information.

The SpeakerBox is the future of way finding and community engagement. Their advanced AI capabilities enable them to engage in meaningful and intuitive conversations with users, providing a reassuring and approachable presence 24/7. Whether it’s seeking assistance, requesting information or reporting an incident, our AI chatbots are always on hand to help.

Phone 01904 949000 or email for a demo of the SpeakerBox


Train with a city map or building plan and users can ask for directions. SpeakerBox speaks any language making this solution ideal for non English speakers and the blind.


Residents and visitors can utilize the SpeakerBox to request information about local services, facilities, and resources which can improve public engagement and streamlines access to essential resources.


Members of the public can use the SpeakerBox to report crimes, suspicious activities, or emergencies directly to law enforcement, allowing for quicker response times.


Share information about upcoming community events, provide directions and deliver important announcements to foster community engagement and promote key events.


Run appeals for witnesses after major incidents. SpeakerBox can be trained with specific details of an incident and will collect witness information and contact details.


Send alerts to registered neighborhood watch members about suspicious activities or incidents in their area, promoting active neighborhood vigilance. Or provide local information to promote safety and security.

Alternatively you can call our sales team on +44(0)1904 949000 or email


All conversations are transcribed and saved in the web based control panel in real time. Alerts can be configured to instantly route requests or submissions of information to the most suitable person and activity reports show usage data for each deployed SpeakerBox.


Settings including the welcome message, speaker volume, microphone sensitivity, prompts and the conversational style can all be configured in the control panel without the need to connect directly with the SpeakerBox.


SpeakerBox is simple and quick to deploy without needing connection to a power supply. Short term use is possible using the built in rechargeable battery and for longer campaigns a solar module can be added which provides maintenance free use for as long as required.


SpeakerBox is completely autonomous and uses the very latest AI technology to provide support, gather information and encourage engagement within communities. Requests can be understood in natural language and a human like voice makes interactions smooth and reassuring for the users.


The users’ input is sent to our server via Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection. Here the message is transcribed to text and sent together with a custom prompt to the AI language model. A response is generated, and the process is reversed. The text is converted to audio and sent back to the SpeakerBox where it is relayed to the user. This happens in a matter of seconds which delivers an experience like speaking to a real person.


Click once to talk and the conversation starts with a customisable welcome message. From there on SpeakerBox is programmed to ask questions to collect information or provide answers to specific requests for information. All conversations are recorded in the control panel for follow up and notifications can be routed to specified people for immediate follow up or review.


Settings within the control panel allows you to adjust the speaker volume and sensitivity of the microphone fully remotely.


SpeakerBox is completely wireless and connects to the control panel via a choice of Wi-Fi or cellular internet connections.

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Way Finding, Community Safety and Public Engagement